Extended Essay

Resources to help you along the way...

  • PDFescape - a free and easy PDF document editor. You can use this for your 3 rounds of reflections on the RPPF and to have your supervisor sign it. Be careful with the naming of your documents so you know which is your most recent!
  • DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals - You probably want to search articles, not for entire journals (2 tick options under search box) or click on Advanced Search. Be specific! No login needed.
  • ResearchGate - a site for researchers to share their papers and collaborate, but openly searchable by anyone! No login needed.
  • Google Scholar - No login needed to search, but beware: many of the articles have only the synopsis or abstract available, and you have to go to a paid or subscription database to get the full article.
      • Some tips for searching with Google Scholar:
This useful overview poster is a free resource from Philpot Education: Extended Essay Support Site. Retrieved from https://www.philpoteducation.com/course/view.php?id=19#

Resources you should have in your Drive:

  • a copy of the EE/RPPF in PDF form
  • your own Google Doc copy of the UPDATED Extended Essay Booklet
  • the shared Google Sheets EE Overview and Checklist 2020-21, for students to fill in and supervisors to check
  • the Extended Essay Guide in PDF form

Due Dates and Details

from the EE Overview and Checklist 2020-21 document which you are filling in as you go!

EE Overview and Checklist 2019-20 - Transposed