For Teachers at HOPE

Teacher Information about Textbooks:

Where are they kept?

 Hopefully, most subjects have their textbooks checked out in the relevant classrooms. (If you do not have enough shelving, please talk with the Head of Maintenance, who is working on this.) 

A few subjects still have textbooks stored in S24.1, especially the novel study class sets for English. 

The Learning Hub is working towards having an updated Reference Section with at least one current textbook for each IB and IGCSE subject, but these are for in-library use only.

 How are they issued to students?

Please bring your class to the Learning Hub for textbooks to be checked out to each student.* 

On the inside cover, please have students neatly write, in PEN:

Full Name     Year __      School Year

e.g.    Sam Pull         Year 12        2023-2024

[This is important because textbooks all look the same, an it is easy for students to mix up books and then hand in someone else's textbook at the end of the year, and then still be charged for their missing textbook.]

*Please do NOT ask students to go at break time or lunch time to check out textbooks on their own

The responsible students will do so, but they are not the ones who are likely to lose or damage their textbooks. Also, please do NOT allow students to take textbooks out of your classroom without them being checked out. 

Textbooks are an expensive resource and difficult to replace within Cambodia, and we need everyone's help to try to preserve and maintain our resources.

 How do I purchase new textbooks for my class?

 This is coordinated through your Head of Department, and the purchase request form is signed by the Principal. The Learning Hub is not in charge of textbook purchasing and acquisition, although you may choose as a department to add a textbook order to one of the Learning Hub's orders. 

Textbooks are sourced from a variety of suppliers, but shipping can be very difficult and expensive. If it is only a small number of books, the cheapest way is to have them delivered to someone's home country and brought back after a holiday. Shipping with a container can be very expensive because, on top of the shipping costs, there is typically a very large "fee" which needs to be paid at the Cambodian border in order for it to be released. For this reason, the Learning Hub generally uses Kinokuniya Thailand (with our library account in BookWebPro Thailand), since they source from around the world but only charge shipping from Thailand, and they deliver to our door. Any method you choose involves a long time delay, so be sure to count your student numbers and textbooks well in advance!

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Please check out the Secondary Students Extended Essay page.

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